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Alphubel (4,206 m a.s.l.)

The Alphubel is a summit of the Mischabel massif. From its eastern side, starting from Saas Fee, it stretches out as a huge, glaciated hump with an extended summit plateau, and has the shape of a trapezium. It is easy to climb from this side, even on skis in the spring. From the west, however, it presents a rock wall, with two significant ridges that reach towards the summit plateau. The rock wall is up to 700 m high, with ribs and ridges leading steeply to the summit that require extensive rock climbing know-how and skill. 

Origin of the name 
“Hubel” (Alemannic) means “hill (Hügel)”. 

First climbed 
The mountain was first climbed on the 9th August 1860 by T. W. Hinchliff and Leslie Stephen with the guides Melchior Anderegg and Peter Perren. The difficult West Ridge (1945) and the West Rib (1946) were first climbed by the local mountain guides Alfons Lerjen and Pius Mooser, together with their guest Ed Wyss-Dunant.


4,206 m a.s.l.

First climbed

09th August 1860

First climbed by

Melchior Anderegg, Peter Perren, Leslie Stephen, T. W. Hinchliff


Information for hikers

Different hiking tips with a view of the mountain

The Alphubel, with its flat, snow covered summit, is easy to identify from all sides.
Sunnegga paradise - Ober Sattla - Täschalp - Täschhütte cabin
Zermatt - Edelweiss - Trift
Täsch - Arigscheis - Schalenäbi - Täsch

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Information for excursions

Short, easy walks or hikes

Täschalp – Täschhütte cabin

Information for mountaineers / alpinists

Valley location

Saas-Fee (1,803 m a.s.l.)
Täsch (1,450 m a.s.l)

Starting point

Längflue mountain lodge (2,867 m a.s.l.)
Mischabeljoch Bivouac (3,851 m a.s.l.)
Täschhütte cabin (2,701 m a.s.l.)

Various routes

The starting point for the normal route over the East Flank is the Längflue mountain lodge (2,867 m a.s.l.), which can be reached from Saas-Fee (1,803 m a.s.l.). Another route leads from Täsch (1,450 m a.s.l.) via the Täschhütte cabin (2,701 m a.s.l.) and the Alphubeljoch (3,773 m a.s.l.) over the South-East Ridge (the “Eisnase” (ice nose)) to the summit.

Refreshment areas / mountain cabins

Europaweg cabin (2,225 m a.s.l.)
Täschhütte cabin (2,701 m a.s.l.)
Längflue mountain lodge (2,867 m a.s.l.)

Mountain guides-Experiences / Tips The Alphubel is a mountain with many sides, with routes in rock and ice / snow. It can be climbed almost the whole year round.

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