Photo points

Zermatt’s photographic subjects go around the world: Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Rothorn, Riffelsee, Schwarzsee, glaciers, Randa rock slide, grand hotels, and much more. Why not capture such a subject yourself? We can show you where to find these in Zermatt and the surroundings.

19 Attractions

Arben waterfall

At the Arben waterfall, the Arbenbach river plunges to the depths from a rocky crag on the lateral moraine of the former Zmutt Glacier – a dramatic sight.


Photopoint Bench above the Grindjisee

The landscape around the Grindjisee lake appears ancient, as if it belonged to another era. Framing it are the Matterhorn and other 4,000-metre peaks: a spectacular view.


Photopoint Eggstadel

From the small mountain road and from the footpath, a dramatically beautiful view opens up over the Matterhorn.


Photopoint Englischer Viertel

The Englischer Viertel lane accesses a hidden world behind the Bahnhofstrassse. The little road leads through a quiet residential district to old wooden agricultural buildings still used by local farmers.


Photopoint Fluhalp, towards rock climbing area

Behind the lateral moraine of the Findel Glacier, visitors encounter a totally untouched mountain landscape – with distant views of the Matterhorn.


Photopoint Hidden valley

Locals in Zermatt call this solitary valley – located where lush alpine vegetation gives way to the rocks, snow and ice of the high Alps – the “Hidden Valley”. The pristine natural landscape, with the small winding river, is enchanting.


Photopoint Kirchbrücke bridge by the Hotel La Couronne

The Kirchbrücke bridge offers the perfect location for photographing the Matterhorn at any time of day or night.


Photopoint Le Petit Village at Mürini

The view from the edge of the forest, by the Mürini lane, is breathtaking. The village of Zermatt stretches out below, framed by wooden barns, at the foot of the king of mountains: the Matterhorn.


Photopoint Loorihischi

The Lorihiischi, built around 1256, is part of a group of historical buildings in the village of Randa. The whole complex, with house, barn and stable, is being converted into the Randa museum of traditional life by a charitable foundation.


Photopoint Randa rockslide

The triple rockslide at Randa took place in 1991. Boulders as big as houses are visible today scattered across the enormous cone of rock debris. In the meantime, larches, the pioneer trees of the Alps, have been steadily colonising the terrain.


Photopoint Restaurant Edelweiss/Alterhaupt

Small guest house with a handful of rooms and restaurant. Beautiful view of the village of Zermatt.


Photopoint Riedweg

One of the finest settings for photographing the Matterhorn at its best shortly before nightfall. The terrace offers the ideal view as the Matterhorn bids good night to the village.


Photopoint Schönbiel hut

View of the north face of the Matterhorn and the Zmuttgrat ridge from an unusual angle.


Photopoint Small bench at Höhbalmen

One of the finest viewpoints in Zermatt – the little bench at Höhbalmen.


Photopoint Tufteren with “Gädi” buildings

The hamlet of Tufteren (2,215 m) seems to belong to a long-gone age, with its small wooden barns and stores (“Gadi”, plural “Gadini”). For an authentic photo featuring old wooden houses, a flower-filled meadow and the Matterhorn, this is the perfect spot.


Photopoint Täschalp

Täschalp lies in a hollow between the slopes of the Rothorn and the 4,000-metre peaks of the Mischabel massif. A lush, green valley with cows, farms and a cheese dairy, authentic and photogenic.


Photopoint Views from mountain huts

Mountain refuges in the Alps have an added attraction: alongside accommodation, they offer the chance to take dramatic photographs of the mountain scenery at any time of day or night. At twilight, the colours are especially rich.


Photopoint Winkelmatten-Furi road

Anyone following the road from the Winkelmatten district towards Furi sees the lush green forest, the blue sky and suddenly, between them, the most famous mountain pinnacle in the world: the Matterhorn.


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