Code of Behaviour for Bikers & downhill rider

© Bikeschule Zermatt
  1. Always wear gloves and a helmet – be clever and protect yourself.
  2. Only ride a bike which is in the best possible technical condition. Check your equipment regularly.
  3. Keep yourself fit and never over estimate your capabilities, remember that some routes reach up to 3’000 metres above sea level.
  4. Always obey traffic regulations and only use routes marked as bike paths.
  5. Show consideration for plants and animals and only use existing roads and paths.
  6. Never ride cross-country through woods and meadows.
  7. Show consideration for hikers and pedestrians, be friendly and dismount when necessary.
  8. Never ride recklessly downhill. If you see hikers coming towards you, reduce your speed appropriately.
  9. Always close gates and gates to meadows behind you.
  10. Follow instructions from the police, military and forest workers.

The Downhill Community’s code of honour

  1. As a downhill rider, I will take care of nature and dispose of rubbish only in the bins provided for this purpose or will take it away myself. I will be careful of hikers and pedestrians and will grant them right of way at all times.
  2. As a downhill rider, when practising my sport I will only use the routes marked for this purpose, I will take heed of rules and notices and will under no circumstances ride over meadows and fields or use paths used by wild animals. I will also avoid disturbing wild animals. I am aware that I should expect traffic at crossroads with the Sunnegga paradise – Tuftern – Zermatt road at all times and will adapt my speed accordingly.
  3. As a downhill rider, I will follow the instructions of cable car personnel and Bike Park employees. I will also adhere to rules regarding the transport of bikes. Downhill riders will be taken as far as Sunnegga paradise and to Gornergrat by train.
  4. As a downhill rider, I practise my sport at my own risk. I am aware that this sport is associated with unusual risks that are not completely covered by “normal” insurance such as SUVA and thus have personal accident insurance which covers the additional risks and have personal liability insurance in case of damage to third parties. Should an accident occur, I will not make claims against Zermatt Bergbahnen AG or Gornergrat Bahn and am aware that Zermatt Bergbahnen AG and Gornergrat Bahn completely reject all liability for accidents and damage to property.
  5. As a downhill rider, I will make sure I wear appropriate protective clothing. It is obligatory for me to wear a helmet.
  6. Every downhill rider is obliged to get a start number at the Sunnegga paradise valley station or Gornergrat Bahn and must display this in full view during all rides and to return this when it is no longer valid. No downhill rider will be able to use transport without a number. Accidents and damage to property will be reported immediately by me at a point of sale.
  7. Should I leave the marked course, Zermatt Bergbahnen AG or Gornergrat Bahn are entitled to levy a fine of CHF 75.00. In addition, my ticket will be withdrawn and will not be replaced.

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