Mountain bike tours

Still unknown and yet more adventurous. Trails with a lot of flow, downhill, and the most beautiful mountain trails. Zermatt is paradise.

Bike-Tour Gornergrat - Zermatt

Mountainbiking | hard

The legendary downhill run from Gornergrat to Zermatt offers everything that mountain bikers could wish for, including fabulous views and a trail full of variety.

 19,7 km  3,0 h  206 m  1693 m

Bike-Tour Visp - Zermatt

Mountainbiking | medium

Accompanied by changing but still fascinating views along with the wild waters of the Vispa or the snow-capped mountain peaks – this is the new bike trail from Visp to Zermatt. It is suitable for all bike riders who are enthusiastic about nature and really like a somewhat technically difficult but still a bit longer tour.

 37,1 km  4,30 h  1348 m  368 m

Bike-Tour Rothorn - Zermatt

Mountainbiking | medium

What a run! The downhill from Rothorn to Zermatt entails a vertical drop of 1,678 m. Top tip: stay relaxed and enjoy the ride!

 12,4 km  2,0 h  18 m  1505 m

Bike-Tour Schwarzsee - Zermatt

Mountainbiking | easy

Highlights of this leisurely ride include mountain scenery full of contrasts with numerous attractions and restaurants along the way. Perfect for a relaxed outing with friends or family.

 12,7 km  1,0 h  226 m  1171 m

Bike-Tour Zermatt - Schwarzsee

Mountainbiking | hard

This ride demands stamina in order to conquer climbs of 1,423 vertical metres. The view of the legendary north face of the Matterhorn provides ample reward.

 22,5 km  3,30 h  1078 m  1078 m

Bike-Tour Zermatt - Riffelalp

Mountainbiking | medium

This bike trail reveals a beautiful and highly diverse mountain landscape around Zermatt. The route leads through forests, across alpine pastures and up to former glacial landscapes.

 16,8 km  3,0 h  971 m  372 m

Bike-Tour Täsch - Randa

Mountainbiking | easy

The Täsch - Randa circuit is perfect for the whole family. It leads along the valley floor through forests, along meadows and through typical Valais mountain villages.

 15 km  2,0 h  481 m  481 m

Bike-Tour Täsch - Täschalp

Mountainbiking | medium

The ride up to Täschalp and deep into the valley begins with an ascent of the slopes above Täsch, mostly following small mountain roads. The climb is technically straightforward and boosts fitness.

 9,1 km  2,0 h  955 m  115 m

Perskindol Swiss Epic

Mountainbiking | hard

Zermatt’s bike trails lead through meadows and forests, over gravel and stones, past lakes, always on alpine terrain. If Zermatt is the dream destination for mountain bikers, the ultimate contest is the Perskindol Swiss Epic, which takes places in the Valais Alps. 2016 with start in Zermatt.

 127,6 km  16,3 h  3192 m  2979 m

Downhill Route

Mountainbiking | hard

The downhill trail from Sunnegga high above Zermatt takes 15 minutes. 15 minutes of adventure, fun and gravity, a thrilling descent for riders with good technical skills.

 3,1 km  0,15 h  29 m  576 m

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