Horse-drawn carriage rides

For decades, Werner Imboden has been driving his single-horse carriage through Zermatt’s alleys and squares and to secluded spots in and around the resort. For visitors, the leisurely trip is one of the most romantic experiences Zermatt has to offer.


Werner Imboden is one of Zermatt’s great characters. He’s always in a good mood, and always to be found on the Bahnhofplatz, by the station, with his carriage – unless he’s out on a ride. Anyone who waves as he drives past is sure to get a friendly greeting in return. In winter, when it’s cold and snowing, passengers ride in the open carriage wrapped in warm blankets. In summer, there’s always a pleasant breeze. The gentle ride leads through Zermatt’s alleys, wherever passengers choose to go. The carriage is also ideal for trips to suitably located mountain restaurants.

An unmistakable sound

If a pedestrian in the village centre doesn’t hear the carriage coming, that’s no problem. Werner Imboden is a virtuoso whistler: without the help of an instrument, he makes an unmistakable sound, like a mini postal carriage. The triple-tone motif is melodic, just the right volume, and pitch-perfect, and always brings a smile to faces.

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  • Photo subject: horse with carriage on the Bahnhofplatz, and Werner Imboden with his old uniform hat


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