Zermatt Hotels: Among the Best for Generations

The hotel world in Zermatt is legendary. No other village in Switzerland offers such high-quality hotels in such a small area. And this is not just about luxury but also friendliness and good prices.

The village of Zermatt as a bird’s eye view – seen from the via ferrata. Obviously there are no big buildings destroying the view of Zermatt.
The village of Zermatt as a bird’s eye view – seen from the via ferrata. Obviously there are no big buildings destroying the view of Zermatt. - © Michael Portmann

Zermatt has 109 hotels with over 7,000 beds as of the summer 2015. What is interesting: 88 are classed in the three-star and four-star range. Every year, Zermatt’s hoteliers reap the best reviews, whether from guests, through awarded prizes or on the ranking websites.

The most recent distinction comes from the rating in the SonntagsZeitung and the corresponding book by Karl Wild, which is published in a new edition each year. In the 2015 book "The 150 Best Hotels in Switzerland", 15 Zermatt hotels are present. This means that ten per cent of the best hotels in Switzerland are found in Zermatt.

The Zermatt hotel operations are also among the best in the most recent rankings on the TripAdvisor website. These include 16 Zermatt accommodations, which were included in the new “Hall of Fame” category. And in the Traveller’s Choice Awards from TripAdvisor, an amazing seven Zermatt hotels are present in the “Top 25 in Switzerland” category.

Swiss Tourism also distinguished the Zermatt hotels. In April 2015, seven Zermatt hotels received the highest ranking. The Prix Bienvenue 2015 for Zermatt is worth looking at.

Hotel Culture with a Great Tradition

Eighty-five per cent of the hotels in the Matterhorn village are managed by their Zermatt owners. This means that often long-term thinking, planning and operating has been done for generations with cordial hospitality, meaningful investments along with far-reaching planning for new facilities and trends. And there are many hoteliers in many Zermatt, who have a very well informed understanding of the developments in the hotel industry around the world. For this reason, their personal vacations are often planned not only for relaxation but also for observing and studying other hotels in Switzerland and abroad.

No Construction Sins

Zermatt does not have any major boxy hotels, which is how the “construction sins” are labeled. In terms of rooms, the largest hotel in Zermatt is the Mont Cervin Palace. This five-star property has been welcoming guests since 1857. With great affection and care, it was continually expanded and renovated so that it always met the requirements and wishes of its guests.

However, Zermatt also has many small hotels, where Alpinists, families, world travellers, as well as those seeking quiet and nature all feel very much at home. And who does not know Zermatt might be surprised finding hotels offering quite affordable rates for rooms.


The Zermatt Hotel World

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