Zermatt Celebrates the Mountain of Mountains

It was a major achievement – the first ascent of the Matterhorn. The year 1865 is very special in the history of Alpinism, and this will be celebrated in 2015 with many events and experiences for guests and locals.

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Open-Air Theater in Zermatt

On 9 July 2015, the premiere of the open-air theatre The Matterhorn Story marks the beginning. The stage is at the highest altitude of any in Europe at 2,600 m on Gornergrat near the Riffelberg train station. The audience has a clear view of the stage and a clear view of the backdrop, the real Matterhorn, along with many other neighbouring four thousand-metre peaks. Performances take place from Wednesday to Sunday until 29 August 2015.

The Matterhorn Story

Reopening of the Hörnli Hut / Base Camp Matterhorn

On 1 July 2015, the entrance to the famous hut at the foot of the Matterhorn will once again open up for Alpinists, day-excursion hikers, friends of the mountains and mountaineers as well as fans of unforgettable views.

Hörnli Hut

The Jubilee Week

Guests and locals can experience Zermatt’s Alpine highpoints from 10 to 18 July 2015. This is something for travellers or those interested in tradition, Alpinism, festivals and much more.

The Events of the Jubilee

Meeting Place in the Village

A festival gathering place has been set up in the centre of Zermatt – the Matterhorn Plaza. It is located between the two historic hotels, the Grandhotel Zermatterhof and the Hotel Monte Rosa. Here one can enjoy the spirit of the village at the bar and lounge during the day. There is a Pop-up store with souvenirs and surprises are entirely possible at any time – with music, for example.

Matterhorn Plaza

The Gornergrat World of Experience

There is a great deal happening this summer along the route of the Gornergrat Bahn. For instance, there is the Whymper Pass, a reasonably priced way to travel to the panoramic view mountain. From 16 July to 27 August 2015, it is possible to marvel at the illuminated Matterhorn during the Matterhorn by Night trip. The Open-Air Theater has performances near the Riffelberg station. At the top, The Matterhorn Family exhibit takes place with images showing different versions of the Matterhorn from around the world. Whoever would like some explanations can turn to the Gornergrat Guides.

In the Face of the Matterhorn

The Staged Village Tour

Anyone spending time on Wednesdays in the village of Zermatt should only have one thing planned for 5 pm: participation in the staged village tour. It lasts 90 minutes and takes one back in time to 1865. With actors and explanations in several languages, a bygone view of the world then.

Village Tour à la 1865

A Bouquet of Adventures and Offers

There is a great deal happening in the village of Zermatt during the jubilee festivities. The Jubilee Programme offers an overview. This is a PDF to read and download. If one is already in Zermatt, the brochures are available from the Tourist Office on the Bahnhofplatz in German, English or French.

Jubilee Programme

Conditions for Booklovers in Paradise

Bookworms can stock up from numerous new books in the Zermatt bookstores. A great deal of research on specific topics was undertaken before the jubilee year. Several books by international authors as well as by Zermatt writers appeared, and some of them are in several languages.

Bookmark for the Matterhorn

Immersing in the Museum

In a spectacular exhibit of photographs and manuscripts, visitors can learn more through “The Search for the Truth” in the Matterhorn Museum. Matthias Taugwalder, a descendent of the first ascenders of the Matterhorn, Peter Taugwalder Father and Son, has brought unknown documents to light in recent years.

New Knowledge

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