For those who would like to learn much more about Zermatt, here is a wide range of topics for reading. Historical, current, exciting.

Zermatt – a Paradise for Birdwatchers

Whether golden eagle, bearded vulture, spotted nutcracker, rock partridge or Alpine chough – all of these bird species can be observed in the Zermatt mountain world with little or only modest effort. These birds are the heroes of the air and represent the ‘wild nature’ of the Alpine landscape.


WintersHome: The Band That Grew Up in Zermatt

They call themselves “WintersHome” and they all grew up in Zermatt. The six members of this pop and folk music band have only been together for four years. And they have already enjoyed success. The exciting thing about these band members: they have known each other since they were in nappies and work out the songs collectively. At the music festival Zermatt Unplugged the band performes in the setting of the "New Talents" in the Foyer Marquee on April 05th 2016.


Zermatt: The Struggle of the Pioneers to Survive

Nature around Zermatt in many ways reveals superlatives. The highest mountains in the range of the Alps, the highest tree line. And now it is official: The highest trees in Switzerland are in Zermatt. Pioneers, such as the Swiss stone pine and the larch.


Hiking Through the Historic Depths of Geology

The Gorner Gorge is certainly Zermatt’s least understood attraction. Hidden, in dark depth, without a view of the famous four thousand-metre peaks. Anyone daring to go into the historic depths of our geologic history shall experience an exciting past.


The Rediscovery of Alpine Summer Freshness

Fleeing from the city into the heights provides real relief from the hot days of summer. Humidity and high temperatures really bother people and animals. Naturally, this begs the question about a stay in the mountains. A few tips.


Zermatt Celebrates the Mountain of Mountains

It was a major achievement – the first ascent of the Matterhorn. The year 1865 is very special in the history of Alpinism, and this will be celebrated in 2015 with many events and experiences for guests and locals.


Zermatt Hotels: Among the Best for Generations

The hotel world in Zermatt is legendary. No other village in Switzerland offers such high-quality hotels in such a small area. And this is not just about luxury but also friendliness and good prices.


Special Exhibition: “The Search for the Truth”

In a spectacular display of photographs and transcriptions, the Matterhorn Museum has a special exhibition on display: “The Search for the Truth.” Matthias Taugwalder, a descendent of the first persons to climb the Matterhorn, Peter Taugwalder Father and Son, has brought to light unknown documents for this event.


Zermatt: the marmots are awake

Zermatt has a huge marmot population – ideal for families who like watching the cuddly rodents wake up from hibernation. With marmots eager to build their burrows close to human settlements, a short hike will get you to the perfect vantage points.


The Thriller on the “Matterhorn”

The Matterhorn celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first ascent. There at that time: Father and Son Taugwalder. To mark the anniversary, the Zermatt open-air theatre tells the dramatic story. Centre stage this time: the fifth generation Father and Son Taugwalder.

Text by Aurelia Forrer and Pictures from David Birri
Published in the Schweizer Illustrierten, no. 11, 9 March 2015


TV star Matterhorn: Documentaries show past and present

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn, several TV channels have produced comprehensive documentaries for 2015. The Swiss SRF TV channel is presenting a two-part documentary of the first ascent, while the German ARD channel has broadcasted stories from the Alpine region presented by the legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner. Futher TV channels are preparing documentaries.


All eyes are on the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn, the king of mountains, is the most-photographed mountain in the world. It is myth and emblem for Alpinists and photographers alike, as well as Switzerland’s most famous landmark and symbol. In 2015, Zermatt will celebrate its mountain in the context of numerous events, all relating to the first ascent of the famous mountain by Zermatt mountain guides and Englishman Edward Whymper in 1865, 150 years ago.


Romantic light in Zermatt’s mountain world

An absolute must for the romantics among us. Sunrise and sunset are magic times when sublime colour effects paint the highest mountains in Switzerland around Zermatt. As the light fades, the colours become more vibrant. Cable cars take you up to the most stunning colours of the sky.


Climbing the Riffelhorn – the dream of all recreational climbers

The Riffelhorn is quite simply a climber’s paradise – good rock, fantastic views and easily accessible. Now a new route named the “Bartgeier” (with its variant the “Querdenker”), has been opened in time for the 2012 summer season.


The Matterhorn was climbed from the Base Camp Matterhorn

Zermatt is getting ready for the grand reopening of the Hörnlihütte at the foot of the Matterhorn in 2015. Throughout 2014, it remained closed due to renovation work. However, thanks to the “Base Camp Matterhorn” and its “Alpine Shelters”, mountaineers were able to climb the Matterhorn via Hörnligrat during the summer 2014.


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