For those who would like to learn much more about Zermatt, here is a wide range of topics for reading. Historical, current, exciting.

Blacknose sheep: "Feeling" for the animals

In the barn, out at pasture or on his mobile phone: Paul Julen, the sheep breeder from Zermatt, is never far from his blackhose sheep, who are "very close" to his heart.


Zermatt Heroes of the Sky

The pilots from Air Zermatt are considered to be the best high-mountain pilots in the world. The pilots and their colleagues are not just famous for mountain rescues. Their helicopters are also essential for tourist flights and transportation.


Ski Expertise

People feel safe with him, because Zermatt snow sports instructor and mountain guide Jan Schnidrig has the mountains in his blood. He met his wife on a course for ski instructors.


Constant innovation

As CEO of Zermatt Bergbahnen, Markus Hasler manages one of the largest and most successful cableway enterprises in Switzerland. The high demands of guests require expensive innovations and major investment every year.


Gracefully Soaring into the Heights

On 25 November 2016, the Zermatt Bergbahnen AG (ZBAG) dedicated the new Gant-Blauherd chairlift, which is now called the Hublot-Express lift. Before the opening, there were months of construction under the site direction of Fabian Imboden.


When the Powder Snow Entices

Ski fans can hardly wait! Winter is beginning, and that means grabbing their skis and gliding down the wide pistes. Christian Meier, ski instructor and head of the Stoked Ski & Snowboard School, knows especially what they can expect this winter.


The Mountain Boot Handcraft Rests in the Museum

Custom-made mountain boots were made-to-measure in Burgener Shoemaker’s Shop for over three generations. Their hand tools and utensils are on display in the Matterhorn Museum. Zermatt’s Otto Burgener gave them to the museum as a loan. To mark its 10th anniversary, the museum is paying homage to him, the last great master of the Zermatt shoemaker’s guild.


Wolli, show us your legs!

On Sunday, 10 September 2017, the widely popular Schäferfest (shepherd’s festival) takes place at Furi/ Schweigmatten. Besides festival catering, open-air church service, children’s games, and a birthday party for Zermatt’s mascot Wolli, experts will choose the most beautiful black-nose sheep for 2017 from 140 female animals. But how will they really know that one sheep is the most beautiful among all of Zermatt’s beauties?


The Seven Huts Along the Way to Seventh Heaven

Here they are, the insider’s tips, the beautiful huts for Alpinists and mountain hikers: Domhütte, Europahütte, Kinhütte, Rothornhütte, Schönbielhütte, Weisshornhütte, Täschhütte. They are off the beaten path taken by flocks of tourists, and one has the time and the luxury to enjoy the mountain panorama undisturbed. 


1891: Like Sleeping Beauty, Zermatt Awakens From its Deep Sleep

In 1891, the first guests travelled to the Matterhorn village using the new railroad line.


"I always look forward to summer in Zermatt in a very special way"

Sylvie Margelist (36) is the head of the Zermatt Guest Service Centre and has worked at Zermatt Tourism for four years. She informs the guests at the counter on Bahnhofplatz in Zermatt and has an answer to virtually every tourism question. Here are her summer tips.


Zermatt – a Paradise for Birdwatchers

Whether golden eagle, bearded vulture, spotted nutcracker, rock partridge or Alpine chough – all of these bird species can be observed in the Zermatt mountain world with little or only modest effort. These birds are the heroes of the air and represent the ‘wild nature’ of the Alpine landscape.


WintersHome: The Band That Grew Up in Zermatt

They call themselves “WintersHome” and they all grew up in Zermatt. The six members of this pop and folk music band have only been together for four years. And they have already enjoyed success. The exciting thing about these band members: they have known each other since they were in nappies and work out the songs collectively.


Zermatt: The Struggle of the Pioneers to Survive

Nature around Zermatt in many ways reveals superlatives. The highest mountains in the range of the Alps, the highest tree line. And now it is official: The highest trees in Switzerland are in Zermatt. Pioneers, such as the Swiss stone pine and the larch.


Hiking Through the Historic Depths of Geology

The Gorner Gorge is certainly Zermatt’s least understood attraction. Hidden, in dark depth, without a view of the famous four thousand-metre peaks. Anyone daring to go into the historic depths of our geologic history shall experience an exciting past.


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