Zermatt’s Hörnlihütte: long hibernation


The Hörnlihütte will close its doors on 16 September 2013. Due to conversion work, the mountain hut will stay closed until June 2015. A vista of the anniversary year 2015.

As yet, the weather is still good enough to climb the ‘Hore’, as the locals like to call the Matterhorn. On 15 September 2013, however, the season will end and the hut will stay closed until the beginning of July 2015. Kurt Lauber, warden of the Hörnlihütte, says: “Yes, we will see significant changes”. This summer, together with architect Hans Zurniwen, he supervised the groundwork for the new hut. The Hörnlihütte is the starting point for most Matterhorn (4,478 m) ascents.

Improved infrastructure

Poor water supply and infrastructure problems are among the main reasons for the conversion of the hut. Built in 1911, the Hörnlihütte, otherwise known as Belvedere (3,260 m), has been getting a bit long in the tooth and will now be adapted to the needs of modern mountaineers in a high Alpine region. Once it reopens in summer 2015, the hut will offer accommodation for 90 guests.

Anniversary year 2015

2015 will see the 150th anniversary of the first Matterhorn ascent by Edward Whymper who reached the peak on 14 July 1865. A tragic accident occurred on the descent when four members of the rope team fell to their death. Only three members made it back to the village, among them the two mountain guides from Zermatt and the Englishman Edward Whymper. In Zermatt, numerous celebrations, events and festivities, including an open-air theatre play (end of June to end of August 2015), will revolve around the Matterhorn all through the year 2015.

Schedule of the Hörnlihütte conversion

Until 15 Sept. 2013 Hörnlihütte open
As of 16 Sept. 2013 Hörnlihütte closed until June 2015
Winter 2013/2014 Winter room closed
Summer 2014  Conversion Hörnlihütte, no overnight accommodation
Winter 2014/2015 Winter room closed
Summer 2015 Reopening planned for the start of July 2015
Weather -- / --
Daily activities