The ‘king of tours’ celebrates its 20th anniversary


On 1 August, a group of hikers will embark on the anniversary “Tour du Monte Rosa”. For the 20th time this year, guests are invited to take part. A commemorative plaque will be inaugurated at the Monte Moro Pass to mark the occasion.

Early in the morning of 1 August, a trekking group will leave Zermatt to embark on the anniversary “Tour du Monte Rosa”. The five-day trek will lead them through beautiful parts of Switzerland and Italy, including the most stunning four-thousand metre peaks around the Monte Rosa Massif.

The 2014 anniversary hikers will cross the Theodul Pass (3,301 m), proceed to Cime Bianche in Italy, walk on to Gressoney, Alagna and Macugnaga and subsequently return to Switzerland via the Monte Moro Pass (2,853 m).

On 5 August, a procession group from Amttmark in Valais will meet the hikers, who will be guided through the Monte Rosa mountainscape by Roland Nanzer, at the cable car station on the Monte Moro Pass.

At 11 a.m., a memorial mass will be held at statue of the Virgin Mary and a commemorative plaque marking the 20th anniversary of the Tour du Monte Rosa will be inaugurated. On 5 August, Zermatt will also hold a mass at the “Mary of the Snows” chapel on Schwarzsee.

Jubiläum Tour du Monte Rosa (in german)

Maria zum Schnee Blog Saas Fee (in german)

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