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Zermatt’s songwriter, singer, chef and host Dan Daniell has released a new CD. The main song on the album is called “Zermatt”.

In 1990, Dan Daniell, a.k.a. Urs Biner, had a big hit with his song “Matterhorn”. The catchy tune is still something of an anthem in Zermatt. Urs Biner has just released a new CD, which former ABBA singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad considers to be his most sincere work to date. Wrapping philosophical statements into captivating Schlager melodies, Dan Daniell’s new album is just the thing to make listeners dream, sing along and relax into peaceful holiday mode in Zermatt.

“Your are the queen”

The music to the new “Zermatt” song is slightly reminiscent of the “Matterhorn” hit. In “Zermatt”, Dan Daniell sings not only about the king of all mountains but also about the village nestled at its foot. “We have everything we need, we are spoilt for choice. My Zermatt, you are a beauty. … You are the queen of the mountains. … In the shadow of the Matterhorn, nothing can go wrong.”

“Zermatt” and “Fear”

Dan Daniell runs a restaurant in Zermatt, the “Chez Heini”, where he also dons the chef’s hat. Every evening, he puts on a little show and performs the “Matterhorn” song as well as one ABBA song, an homage to Anni-Frid. ABBA music goes down well, especially in a holiday environment, and Anni-Frid has been a long-term resident of Zermatt. Since February 2014, Urs Biner has also been singing two of his new songs at the restaurant shows: “Hab keine Angst” (Don’t be afraid) and “Zermatt”.

In “Hab keine Angst”, a soul-stirring song in three-quarter time, he sings: “Believe in the stars, believe in yourself. Believe in love. Don’t be afraid to live. … Place your trust in yourself, place your trust in the morning.”

The eleven-track CD was released in February 2014 and is available on iTunes. We believe in Zermatt!

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