Bilanz Rating: Zermatt’s hotels are top-grade


Regular guests return to Zermatt again and again because they appreciate its premium hotels which have been among the world’s top class for years. This has been confirmed by numerous ratings which are being published every year. The latest rating of the Swiss business magazine Bilanz examines the secret of their success: “Ultimate Alpine experience” (Riffelalp Resort), “Interplay with its environment” (Cervo) and “Home away from home with a human touch” (Coeur des Alpes).

The Bilanz hotel rating is the most comprehensive hotel research in the German-speaking media world. Based on surveys among top hoteliers, Bilanz hotel tests, evaluations by specialised guides and test portals as well as experiences gathered by professional travellers, the rating focuses on “smart casual” hotels, in other words genuine establishments which exude a skilful nonchalance and have a big soul. Today’s guests go in for luxury combined with nature and regional flavours. Among the Swiss winners are two Zermatt hotels, the five-star Riffelalp Resort and the three-star “Coeur des Alpes”. The “Riffelalp Resort”, “The Omnia”, the “Mont Cervin Palace” and the “Cervo” all are mentioned and have very different attractive features that convinced the Blains reviewers. A total of eight Zermatt hotels made it into the list of Switzerland’s best hotels (see ranking below).

Ultimate Alpine experience

According to the Bilanz magazine, the Riffelalp Resort (1) “is one of the most eminent and successful hotels in the country – a beacon for sportive bohemians from all over the world that is mostly booked out throughout the winter months …”. The review continues: “Offering its guests the ultimate Alpine experience, the classy Lodge is something of a rarity, successfully combining solid Swissness and glamorous poise.“ According to Bilanz, Hans-Jörg Walther, the hotelier with a passion, has a steady hand on the tiller and ensures that his staff provides genuine hospitality instead of extravagant service.

Forget mediocrity

The Omnia (13) has also attracted its share of praise: “Down in the Matterhorn village, The Omnia makes you forget the common, everyday aspects of life.” At the Cervo (17), Daniel and Seraina Lauber pluck “the stars from the sky”. They are among the few independent idealists in the country who “place more trust in their visions than their calculations”. According to the review, the Cervo is devoid of any “extravagant luxury”, everything is just right and even on entering, one can immediately feel the close interplay between the hotel and its environment.

Staying at the top

Once again, the Coeur des Alpes (1) was ranked first in the three-star holiday hotel category: “The Coeur des Alpes’ consistent top ranking is remarkable“, says the Bilanz review. The hosts describe the secret of their success as follows: “We accept our guests as they are”, say Leni and Thomas Müller-Julen. “They come here because we provide a human touch – a home away from home.“

Switzerland’s best holiday hotels Rank Previous year
Riffelalp Resort, Zermatt 1 5
Eden Roc, Ascona 2 3
Gstaad Palace, Gstaad 3 2
Castello del Sole, Ascona 4 1
Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa 5 4
The Omnia, Zermatt 13 14
Hotel Cervo, Zermatt 17 18
Mont Cervin Palace, Zermatt 20 20
Hotel Mirabeau, Zermatt 31 32
Grand Hotel Zermatterhof, Zermatt 48 New
Swizterland’s best three-star holiday hotels    
Coeur des Alpes, Zermatt 1 1
Spitzhorn, Saanen  2 New
In Lain Hotel Cadonau, Brail/GR 3 2
Riposo, Ascona 4 New
Backstage Hotel Vernissage, Zermatt 5 4

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