Experience Reports

Pleasure Hiking around Zermatt

A beautiful Sunday with sunshine and clear air. This awakens a desire to go for a hike. Not too many kilometres, simply for relaxation and to immerse oneself in the landscape. The hike leads through fall’s mountain world, naturally along and past lakes and includes a pleasant stop in a mountain restaurant. 


An Igloo Overnight Experience Report

Igloo, night, snow, cold, mountains. That is an experience, which remains unforgettable – because everything is different. The images and sensation permanently stay in the body and mind. In any case, we certainly now have a very different relationship to the heavens on a winter’s night. 


Experience Report: Ski Testing at Zermatt

The air is crisp. Exhaled breath creates wispy clouds. Still, nothing points towards a ski day and lots of snow, because the mountain village of Zermatt is still clothed in its golden autumn attire.


My very first four thousand-metre peak

Moving to the car-free village of Zermatt was the plan. Because I was starting a new job at Zermatt Tourism on 4 September 2012. Then everything happened very quickly. By 8 September, I was already standing on the top of my first four thousand-metre peak. Completely surprised!


Via Ferrata: Good to the Last Drop of Water

We look forward to the via ferrata. But we really were not sure what to expect. Fortunately! Because we were able to relax as we climbed into this adventure. Also part of this: Dani, Pascal, Priska, Sven, Tanja and Walter. Some of them already had climbing experience and two had already finished a via ferrata. But for the others, this was a new challenge. The start was at 5:30 pm on a warm day in July.


The way to the Kinhütte near Randa

The Alps in their primordial way are best experienced away from the well-worn paths. For example, the Kinhütte above Randa. Those, who want to see more than what is just beautiful; who also want to gain a sense of trueness, should plan this hiking tour with care and respect.


Experience Report: Into the Heights to Dream of Deep Powder

Suddenly, the faraway Monte Rosa is wonderfully close: Freeriders are flown to this impressive peak by an Air Zermatt helicopter in no time. In the magical natural setting, passionate skiers can then descend over untouched slopes and imposing glaciers until they reach the familiar surroundings of Zermatt. The copter flight is the climax of all ski adventures: In this deep snow dream world, top skiers become the flying kings of powder snow.


Winter Hiking Experience Report

Early January 2014

A storybook winter’s day awaits us: gorgeous sunshine and masses of snow. We decide to take a winter hike at Gornergrat. It is already after 2 pm. We are not in a rush. And we don’t know that the mountain has its own way of welcoming winter hikers.


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