The Moosjisee (2,140 m) lies on the Five Lakes Walk and is a classic storage reservoir. Its milky colour shows that it is fed by glaciers.


The Moosjisee (also known as the Mosjesee) is an artificial reservoir. The water is used to generate electricity and for snowmaking along the pistes. Among the lake’s sources is water from the Findel Glacier, and as a result the Moosjisee has the typical milky hue of sediment-rich glacial meltwater, known as “glacial milk”. As the trail leads past the lake, observant hikers will spot a wide variety of alpine flora on the adjacent slopes.

• Milky, turquoise water
• Swimming strictly forbidden for safety reasons!

“Alpine flowers around Zermatt”, by Hanspeter Steidle, published by edition punktuell, Herisau, 2009. Bilingual German/English, ISBN 978-3-905724-15-8

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