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Zermatt – that is also a great shopping experience. Watches and jewelle ry sparkle in the display windows, and alluring scents waft from the bakeries. For mountain tours, it is possible to put together the best outfitting and have professional tips from the locals included. And remember that loved ones at home are waiting for a souvenir from Zermatt.

Mont Bell Outdoor-Equipment-Store

Mont Bell now has a location on the Bahnhofplatz in the centre of Zermatt. The outdoor outfitter, founded by Isamu Tatsuno from Japan, concentrates without compromising on quality, sustainability and function. Mont Bell continuously develops a balanced and broad range of products, which can be used under extreme conditions.


Hublot Store

There is now a Hublot Store at Bahnhofstrasse 27 in Zermatt. Hublot watches are manufactured with precision handcraft. The company’s philosophy of “the art of fusion”. It stretches from the aesthetic and technical refinement of traditional precious metals through new alloys all the way to innovations in the limitless territory of composite materials.


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