Special Adventures

Star Gazing on Gornergrat

The Stellarium at Gornergrat at 3,100 m is a research station used by the universities of Bern and Geneva for research. What is special: Light pollution is very low, which makes clear heavens at night the best condition for observing stars. Schools and students can click into the universe via the Internet. Tours: for school classes and groups with 10 people or more.


Get an Explanation of the Mountain World

The peak Gornergrat is not only beautiful but also interesting. While giving tours each day, the guides explain about the mountains, fauna, flora, history and glaciers. Guided tours are in German, English and French. On request, Italian, Japanese and Spanish are also available. June to September 2016, daily between 11 am and 3 pm. Tickets at CHF 7 can be bought from the ticket office in Täsch and at the station of the Gornergrat Bahn.


A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of Zermatt

What is actually going on in Zermatt? The car-free village requires a logistic master performance from the various agencies and operators. One is amazed when just watching a delivery of goods. The events organisation allows insight into Zermatt’s “backstage” and offers tours to see the various operations. For example, of food producers. And other topics, such as architecture, cuisine or culture are also offered. For groups including those from the MICE segment, among others.


Schalisee: an Eventful Area

Schalisee in Täsch is a local recreation area that offers a great deal for families and friends of nature: water-skiing on Schalisee, playground for children, grill areas, beach volleyball. There is now also a small restaurant offering drinks and snacks.


For Children: Baking in the Bakery

Twice a month during the summer and winter season, the Biner and Fuchs Bakery offer baking for children on Wednesday mornings. Kneaded and shaped into little scoundrels and marzipan figures. The children are proud to take home their self-baked items. Lasts 1 hour, for children from 9 to 12 years. Sign up in advance.


Day of Remembrance for the Randa Rockslide

Exactly 25 years ago, two enormous rockslides took place in Randa. The entire village disappeared under the cloud of dust, the Matter-Vispa was cut off and the result was that entire sections of the village were under water. Because of the cone of rock debris, the road and train tracks had to be moved. In a miracle, no one was hurt. To mark this day, activities will take place: a village tour, podium discussion and talk on the rockslide. On 7th May 2016.


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