The Matterhorn was climbed from the Base Camp Matterhorn

Zermatt is getting ready for the grand reopening of the Hörnlihütte at the foot of the Matterhorn in 2015. Throughout 2014, it remained closed due to renovation work. However, thanks to the “Base Camp Matterhorn” and its “Alpine Shelters”, mountaineers were able to climb the Matterhorn via Hörnligrat during the summer 2014.

The Base Camp Matterhorn, located on the Hirli at an altitude of 2,880 m, was open between 13 July and 15 September 2014.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first Matterhorn ascent, Zermatt is giving itself a great gift for the future – first a temporary alternative to the Hörlihütte in 2014 and then, in the anniversary year 2015, the newly refurbished Hörnlihütte itself. 2015 will mark the 150th anniversary of the first successful Matterhorn ascent.

First pop-up hotel in the Alps

During summer 2014, the first Alpine pop-up hotel, the Base Camp Matterhorn, was set up on the Hirli, at 2,880 m (coordinates: 619.500 / 093.100). A campus offered 50 sleeping places is built in the form of “Temporary Alpine Shelters” 400 metres below the Hörnlihütte. The 25 prism-shaped shelters were made in wood and aluminium. 3.38 m long, 2.25 m wide and 1.94 cm high, each for two Alpinists. On top of this, there were larger logistics shelters, for instance a kitchen, warehouse and common room.

The design of the shelters was inspired by the Matterhorn’s pyramidal shape. Pickig up on the pyramidal theme, the architect Selina Walder implemented it in the design of the Base Camp Matterhorn.

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