New square in the centre of town - the "Matterhorn Plaza"


There is now a venue to commemorate 2015 in the centre of Zermatt. It is called the "Matterhorn Plaza" and it represents the 150-year anniversary of the first Matterhorn ascent.

Mayor Christoph Bürgin said a few words on the occasion of the square’s official opening in mid-December: "This square will be a place for people to meet, an information point and a venue between now and the summer of 2015 and beyond." An emblem with an old fashioned and a modern ice axe symbolises the values of solidarity between the traditional and the contemporary. These values are emphasised and appreciated during the 2015 Jubilee.

The events will already start in February 2015 on the Matterhorn Plaza as part of the Swatch Skiers Cup. The square is also home to a large pavilion, which was integrated in the Matterhorn Base Camp on the Hirli along with the existing group of aluminium shelters used as a pop-up hotel in the summer. Visitors to the pavilion can see mountain photographs by the photographer Gaudenz Danuser. A pop-up store will be erected here later.

Matterhorn Plaza will also be used to stage ceremonies entrenched in history, celebrations and as a meeting place. In the summer, there will be the further addition of a rope machine from Mammut, which will produce jubilee ropes.

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