Looking for the Base Camp Matterhorn


For the time being, the Swatch Store in the centre of Zermatt is a viewing platform for curious visitors: Through a telescope, they can look for the Base Camp Matterhorn, which will be open until mid-September. And the watch Swatch Matterhorn is available exclusively in Zermatt.

The large compass in the Swatch Store helps locate the climbers, who are ascending the Matterhorn via the Hörnli ridge, because from the village of Zermatt, the Hörnligrat can easily be seen. It is the most-commonly selected route for alpinists, who want to reach the summit of the Matterhorn.

New Matterhorn Watch

There is a new Matterhorn watch on sale in the Swatch Store. It is called the Swatch RED SHADOW 4478. With its glowing red and the special sleeve with the imprint “I love Zermatt” this watch is certain to catch your eye. The distinct Swatch Chrono Plastic is available exclusively in the Zermatt stores (Gornergrat and Bahnhofstrasse). The strap of the sporty timekeeper is decorated with the reference to the world-famous height of the Matterhorn of 4,478 m, which is also the logo of the Hörnlihütte Foundation. The Swatch offers guests a unique possibility to take a piece of Zermatt home with them.

Base Camp Matterhorn until Mid-September

The Base Camp Matterhorn is the first pop-up hotel in the Alps. Between July and mid-September 2014, it replaces the Hörnlihütte closed for renovations and offers climbers headed for the summit a unique overnight possibility at 2,880 m on the Hirli.


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