Jubilee Coins Available


In the 2015 Jubilee Year, exclusive commemorative coins are available in gold and silver. The gold coin case set includes the coins as well as small pieces of original stone from the Matterhorn.

To mark the jubilee of the 150 Years First Ascent of the Matterhorn, Degussa, the Swiss mint for coins, is issuing commemorative coins in gold and silver. The Matterhorn and portraits of the members of the rope team for the first ascent on 14 July 1865 are engraved in the coins including the 150-year embossment.

The gold coins are 24-karat gold, 999.9 fineness, 1 troy ounce (31.1 g), 32 mm in diameter, 2.4 mm thick. It is appropriately packed in a precious case along with a small piece of the original stone from the Matterhorn. The gold coin edition is strictly limited to 150 pieces, and every individual piece is recognisable as a numbered coin thanks to its embossment.

These commemorative coins are available at the Zermatt Tourist office and in the Pop-up-Store at the Matterhorn Plaza.

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