Base Camp Matterhorn open until 15 september 2014


Until the 15th September 2014, Alpinists can stay the night at the Base Camp Matterhorn on Hirli (2,880 m) at the foot of the Matterhorn. The camp consists of 25 tent-shaped shelters accommodating 2 persons each.

The Hörnlihütte ward, Kurt Lauber, is happy about this alternative: “The Hörnlihütte will be closed for renovation this summer. We are delighted that we can offer Alpinists an alternative.” Wild camping or bivouacking will be strictly prohibited with immediate effect. Zermatt’s municipal police will patrol the area and issue fines in case of congtravention.

Accommodation for 50 mountaineers

The Base Camp Matterhorn is situated on the way to Hörnligrat on the Matterhorn. Made from aluminium and wood, each of the shelters accommodates two Alpinists. The camp is managed by two long-standing Hörnlihütte staff, Stephanie Mayor and Martina Lanz.

Since water is still a scarce resource at the foot of the Matterhorn, the Base Camp Matterhorn will not offer any showering facilities. Day trippers are welcome to enjoy the Camp’s cabin-style delicacies. Alpinists are offered breakfast and dinner at the big infrastructure shelter. The Base Camp Matterhorn will be removed after 15 september 2014.

The path to the Hörnlihütte is open all the way to the beginning of the Matterhorn ascent route at the Hönrli ridge. Access to the Hörnlihütte building site is currently prohibited and there are no catering facilities. The Hörnlihütte will re-open its doors on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first Matterhorn ascent in July 2015.


First pop-up hotel in the Alps - facts and figures

Base Camp Matterhorn Located on Hirli, 2,880 m, coordinates 619.500 / 093.100
Altitude difference to Matterhorn 1,598 m
Access from Schwarzsee cable car station(2,583 m, 297 m altitude)
Accommodation 25 shelters
Shelters sleeping 3,40 x 2,25 x 2,00 m, capacity: 2 people 
Shelter kitchen 11,25 x 5,00 x 4,45 m
Shelter common room 8,75 x 5,00 x 4,45 m
Shelter lavatory 7,50 x 5,00 x 4,45 m
Logistics shelters 2 common rooms eating/lounge, 1 kitchen, 1 lavatory
Architects Selina Walder and Georg Nickisch
Showers none
In operation 14 July to 15 September 2014
One night with half board CHF 150 per person
Booking by telephone only, +41 27 967 22 64
Project partners Mammut and Swatch
Fine for wild camping up to CHF 5,000

Booking accommodation
Only by telephone: + 41 27 967 22 64.
Accommodation including half-board: CHF 150 per person.
Please find out all relevant details on the website before proceeding to phone and book:
Base Camp Matterhorn  

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