2015: The Matterhorn as a Topic for a Book


Quite a few new books about the Matterhorn appear in 2015. The first in this group appears in April from Kurt Lauber, the Hörnli Hut warden from Zermatt. And there are more to come.

Bergführer erzählen
Bergführer erzählen

“Matterhorn – Bergführer erzählen” (Matterhorn mountain guides narrate) is the name of the book by the Hörnli Hut warden Kurt Lauber. Among other things, he talks about the incidents, which mountain guides have experienced on the Matterhorn. This book is only available in German. A new book about Wolli, the Zermatt mascot, is also appearing. The story of the first ascent of the Matterhorn is explained to children in it.

More books will be published during the course of the summer, and they can also be read in other languages.

Book presentation for Wolli: 29 March, 5:30 pm, Hotel Cervo
Book presentation for Kurt Lauber: 11 April, Zermatterhof. See Events Calendar for times.

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