News to the jubilee

Bronze Alphorn for Zermatt


A huge alphorn made of bronze stands on the stairs of the Gemeindehaus in Zermatt. It is pointed directly at the Matterhorn, which can be seen in the background, and has surprising artistic elements.


The Wishes of Children are Locked Away for 50 Years


As part of the 150 Years First Ascent of the Matterhorn, children expressed their wishes about how the future of Zermatt should look. The wishes were locked into a time capsule and it was lowered into the ground near the Gemeindehaus where it can be seen.


Zermatt Remembers the First Ascenders


Nine bronze markers along the Bahnhofstrasse in the centre of Zermatt remind each one of the first climbers of the Matterhorn. They reached the summit in July 1865. Now those interested can follow the “Walk of Climb.”


Zermatt: Selfies as a Jubilee Souvenir


Selfies in Zermatt – that is something very special this summer. At different places, these nostalgic pictures can be taken in an entertaining setting throughout the summer. Take part, post and tell the world how beautiful it is in Zermatt.


Matterhorn Radiates in the Night


The Matterhorn sparkles in the night. 50 lamps along the Hörnligrat illuminate the route of the first ascenders from 1865. The illumination can be seen from Zermatt three times each night – until the end of September 2015.


Zermatt Honours the Unknown Dead


The “Grave of the Unknown Climber” is located in the Mountaineers’ Cemetery. It reminds us of the more than 500 deaths, which have taken place on the Matterhorn since 1865. And of the missing and dead, who could not be found or completely removed after their fall.


Extra trains for the Matterhorn Illumination


The Gornergrat Bahn travels to Riffelberg every Thursday evening. From there, guests can marvel at the illuminated Matterhorn and enjoy a 3-course dinner in Riffelhaus at 2,600 m.


18 July in Zermatt: The Closing Day with Patent Ochsner


Zermatt’s gift for the future – the closing of the jubilee week for 150 Years First Ascent of the Matterhorn. Headliner on stage at this major festival on 18 July 2015: Patent Ochsner.


New Experiences at Lofty Heights


Whoever looks into what is going on at the Zermatt Bergbahnen this summer, finds romantic and exciting experiences. On Matterhorn glacier paradise, Sunnegga or in an aerial gondola.


Overnight Stay in the Pop-Up Shelter


Overnight in a very special tent once – and at 3,089 m? This is possible this summer until 10th of October 2015. In the aluminium two-person tent at Gornergrat.


Jubilee Coins Available


In the 2015 Jubilee Year, exclusive commemorative coins are available in gold and silver. The gold coin case set includes the coins as well as small pieces of original stone from the Matterhorn.


Meeting Place with a Pop-up-Store


The Matterhorn Plaza in the centre of Zermatt is a gathering place this summer. Radio Rottu broadcasts live, a bar with a lounge and a Pop-up-Store are available for guests and locals.


Celebrate the Matterhorn at Eye Level


The celebrations marking the jubilee for 150 years of the first ascent of the Matterhorn take place around Zermatt. On Gornergrat, each guest looks the congratulator in the eye. In this special case, on the Hörnligrat.


Mammut 24h Hike


This year‘s “Mammut 24h Hike by Ochsner Sport”, the fifth of its kind, will take place in Zermatt in honour of the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn.


Zermatt Open-Air Theater: the Matterhorn, Centre Stage


This has not been seen before – open-air theatre in Zermatt with a view of the Matterhorn at 2,600 m. Advanced tickets for The Matterhorn Story are available from Tuesday, 10 March. The performances run from 9 July to 29 August 2015 on the stage at Gornergrat. Now is the time to reserve tickets.


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