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Alle erfolgreichen Matterhorn Climbers können sich hier kostenlos registrieren.

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Angelina Schwery with guide Franz Schwery
Zermatt Schweiz
1. climbing: 2004

peter depoorter with guide FRANZEN ALPHONS
1. climbing: 1995

Christian Stampfli
2533 Evilard Schweiz
1. climbing: 2012

Michael de Csilléry with guide Daniel Isklint
London UK
1. climbing: 2013
"26 July 2013. "Traverse of Lion and Hörnli ridges." Snowy conditions on Italian side - we had mountain to ourselves. 4 hours 10 mins from Carrel hut to summit, 4 hours 30 mins descent to Hörnli hut."

Ronald Coulombe with guide Yes
Bonsall, CA 92003 USA
1. climbing: 1977
"I climbed the Matterhorn after my first year of law school. It is an experience I will never forget."

Christoph Duijts with guide Thomi Zumtaugwald
Zürich Schweiz
1. climbing: 2013

Ondrej Petru with guide none
Kretin Czech Republic
1. climbing: 2012
"It was hard climb due to a snow and ice from the storm day before, but it was worth it !"

Hauke Hennecke with guide Richi Andenmatten
Zürich CH
1. climbing: 1983

Michael de Csilléry with guide Daniel Isklint
London UK
1. climbing: 2013

Brigitte Petrus-Schweizer with guide Imboden Jean-Paul
3922 Eisten Schweiz
1. climbing: 2013
"Top Verhältnisse am 05.09.2013"

PETER PETRIK with guide Ervin Velic
Bratislava Slovakia
1. climbing: 2013

Georg Weiler
72760 Reutlingen Germany
1. climbing: 2013

Nora Toth
Székesfehérvár Hungary
1. climbing: 2013
"Climbers from Székesfehérvár: Tóth Nóra, Sió Levente, Petrás József, Somogyi Gábor, dr. Milán Dénes"

Alexander Dubinkin with guide Thomas Grichting
Moscow Россия
1. climbing: 2013

Andreas Murczynski with guide Gianni Gorret
Berlin Germany
1. climbing: 2013
"Monte Cervino Cresta del Leone über Carell-Hütte rauf und runter"

Megumi Ashikawa with guide Sebastien Corret
Tokyo Japan
1. climbing: 2013

Dmitri Valeri Panfilenko
Saarbrücken Germany
1. climbing: 2013
"A hard one due to weather conditions and especially to the bloody thunderstorm. Had to stay in the Solvay hut on the way back together with Alexey Onyshchenko and three Spaniards."

gilles delcroix with guide François Lesavre
bruxelles BELGIQUE
1. climbing: 2013
"Lion - Hornli ridge. 4h30 from Riffugio Carrell to Monte Cervino and Matterhon peaks."

Alexey Onyshchenko
Kyiv Ukraine
1. climbing: 2013

Bruno Climbo
Brig Schweiz
1. climbing: 2013

Josef Taugwalder with guide Gianni Mazzone
Zermatt Schweiz
1. climbing: 2013

Roy Tajo Raoul Martin Lindman
Ivalo Finland
1. climbing: 2012
"My second climb through Hörnli ridge with less snow this time. Fantastic as usual !"

Roy Tajo Raoul Martin Lindman with guide None
Ivalo Finland
1. climbing: 2012
"My second climb on the Switzerland summit. There was not so much snow, but the climb itself through Hörnli ridge was like always... a great experience ! Upea juttu...fantastic...schön immer wieder...värt och klättra !"

Peter Kitchak with guide Rhoni Indebrenen
Napa, California USA
1. climbing: 1988
"Amazing Experience"

pedro pacheco
porto portugal
1. climbing: 1986
"I have the chance of climb it in 1986 , 2000 and 2010 !. Lots of dreams about it since the first ascent!."

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